Book Review: Built to Sell

Book Review! If you have been working hard in your business for many years, only to find that

Title: Built to Sell by John Warrillow

Personal rating: 10/10

Reason to Read: If you are a small business owner who has been in business for quite some time but is still finding themselves overwhelmed and battling to grow, this is for you. Especially if you have recently considered selling your business, only to discover that your blood, sweat and tears have not built something worth very much!

Ease of read: 10/10

What is it about?

John Warrillow uses a rather unique technique for a business book. Instead of writing a practical guide, he tells a story. You will meet Alex, the owner of a small graphic design firm that is doing okay, but draining his life energy. Alex decides he has been slaving away for too long and wants to sell his business. But when he begins the process of trying to sell, he discovers that his years of hard work have not been worth very much! The business revolves too much around him, therefore, if he leaves, he takes its value away. With the help of an old friend, Alex sets out to build a business that he can be proud to sell.

Biggest take-aways:

There are too many business owners in Alex’s shoes. They have spent many years of sleepless nights, high stress and too much unhappiness building what is, essentially, a self-employed job instead of an actual business.

This book walks you through the steps of creating a viable, stand-alone business that does not suck the life out of you, but in a story format that is engaging and easy to read.

This is a fantastic book for any small business owner who feels overwhelmed and undervalued!

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