You want to embrace the future and take your business online, but you have no idea where to start - there are thousands of options out there, so how do you know which ones to choose?

We firmly believe the future is in the cloud and we have made it part of our mission to introduce people to the true wonders of the digital age. If you are new to the cloud, here are twelve reasons why we think going digital is the way forward.

“A business owner should be working on their business instead of in it.” It’s one of those phrases that gets thrown around by coaches and gurus and business magazines. But what does it actually mean? And is it true? And how do you do it?

Working from home can be extremely rewarding and equally frustrating. If you have transitioned from an office job to remote working or to running your own business from home, then it can be quite an adjustment!

The role of an entrepreneur involves wearing many, many hats. Especially in the early days of launching a business there often just isn’t enough cash for you to hire help. You have to be the manager, accountant, salesman and HR department all in one.