Money leaks in your small business eat away at your profits without you even knowing about it. Even if your business seems to be in great financial health, you should regularly check for leaks to ensure that you’re not unwittingly wasting money.

Whilst cheap accountants may be attractive in the short term, they can end up costing you a lot more money overall. More expensive firms with qualified and chartered accounts actually provide much better value for money and can save you a significant sum on your tax return.

Having a solid understanding of accounting principles will help you to make informed decisions about the financial management of your small business. These tips will give you a good foundation on which to build.

Online accounting software has a myriad of benefits for the financial health of your business. This software not only saves time, money and stress but it also allows businesses to operate with more flexibility.

Accounting can feel notoriously complex but as a small business owner, good accounting practices are essential to the financial health of your organisation. Taking your accounting seriously from the start is the best way to set your small business up for success and it will allow you to operate much more efficiently in the future.

Losses in business are fairly common. But some business owners tend to attribute them solely to inefficient sales and marketing.
However, that's not the only way a small company can lose money.
Here are some of the lesser-known reasons why your bottom line may not be as high as you'd hoped it would be.