Embrace the Cloud

We live in a technological age and everyone has embraced the cloud - right?

We live in a technological age, to the point that it seems almost silly to be writing an article extolling the virtues of embracing the cloud – after all, everyone is already on the cloud, aren’t they?

But it seems that everyone is not.

I often come across small business owners who either have no interest in cloud technology or are so overwhelmed by their lack of knowledge that they are too scared to make the move. In South Africa in particular, I believe there are more businesses off the cloud than on it!

If you are a business owner who has not heard of cloud technology or who finds it terrifying, then maybe these five points will encourage you to take the leap and move your business into the future:

  1. It’s easy to learn. Every cloud-based software or app company worth their price tag have a detailed and easy to use training and help section. Most offer their training in person, in PDF or in video – you can choose the mode that works for you.
  2. They’re easy to use. In addition to free training, creators consider ease-of-use one of the most important  design features in every new app, half the time you don’t even need training to figure it out.
  3. It will change your life. Really. I cannot actually express the extent to which the right apps will transform your business and the way you run it. They can save you time, money and reduce your stress significantly.
  4. They free up time. Time is our most important commodity, one that we never get back, and yet we spend far too much on it on boring admin that we hate. Cloud technologies are fast replacing drudge tasks with AI and robotics. In addition, many programs offer automated tasks meaning that they can do mundane actions for you (such as posting to social media, sending out emails, monthly repeat invoicing or payment reminders) while you do far more exciting ones.
  5. They’re secure. A cloud-solution worth its price tag will have state of the art cyber security that is updated regularly. The truth is that anyone can be hacked if the hacker is clever enough, but the same applies to your bank account and you trust the bank with your money, so you can learn to trust industry-tested platforms with your data.

Do yourself and your business a favour and embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution. You won’t regret the move, I guarantee it. Want to learn more? Chat to us about how we can transform your business using Receipt Bank and Quickbooks Online – you’ll love it!

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